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ECOLIFE - 6th Fair

Ecolife returns to "Technopolis" in Athens 27-30 May, 2010 and is continuing to stay on the cutting edge of Green Development.
Ecolife, the first trade fair for organic and environmentally-friendly products aims to create new business and networking opportunities for participating companies and organizations.

Ecolife is the first fair which actively respects the climate thanks to several measures:

  • We offset the carbon dioxide emitted during the fair, in cooperation with Climate Partners.
  • We reduce our ecological footprint since all our publications are printed on paper that is FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified. Our paper also carries the Ecolabel by the Italian group Fedrigoni.
  • During the fair, visitors are invited to recycle clothes, electrical appliances, even oil they use in frying pans.
  • We select the venue with a focus on accessibility by public transport, in order to reduce the carbon dioxide emissions that the visitors produce.
  • We host events where topical issues are discussed, mainly about developing and financially supporting “green” projects.
  • We are partners with the majority of Greek NGOs working in environmental protection
  • We have our headquarters in a building so that we consume less energy, while producing energy from solar panels.

Ecolife is mainly involved with:

  Organic Food Products
  Health - Wellness - Beauty
  Clean and Renewable Energy
  Services & Organizations

Our main fields of interest:

We started ECOLIFE because our goal was to host a fair where consumers and visitors could find information about green consumption and the various options open to them. Ecolife is the only fair in Greece to present products and services for every aspect of daily life. In the same spirit, the visitors get the information they need first-hand and they are able to see, touch and try most of the products presented.

We are committed to informing the public about environmental issues and to creating more environmentally-conscious citizens, regardless of age and income.
We need to understand that we all deserve a better quality of life for both us and for our children, no matter how poor or rich we may be.
For this reason, an environmentally-friendly lifestyle and green products are for everyone and they constitute a safe option for the modern Greek environmentally-conscious consumer!